Lead Artist & Developer 
// Joseph M. Forde

Joseph M. Forde, Founder of Glow Graphic Art 2023 ©

Web a Design
 Figma                Miro                 React Native                node.js
 Logic Pro X             Final Cut Pro             Adobe Creative Suite
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+HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, Linux/UNIX, Perl, Python, C/C++, golang
+UI/UX Research & Understanding of Principals; Use of Design Thinking
+Front-End Web Development
+Accessible, Cross-Browser, Responsive Mobile/Web Design
+Website Security, Cross-Site Scripting & Other Vulnerabilities
+Compiling, Accessing, and storing UI Libraries and Frameworks
+API Design & Maintenance
+Integrated Mapping Technologies
+Technical Troubleshooting & Problem-Solving Skills
+Social Media Integration and Optimization
+SEO Optimization
+Graphic Design (including Custom Design Assets)
+Visual Design and Illustration (2D and 3D Digital)
+Film, Advertisement, Video/Presentation Making & Editing
+Project Management and Quality Testing Research Assurance
+Music, Audio, & Sound Recording, Production & Design
"As a
web Developer

Digital Illustration © 2023 Glow Graphic Art. All rights reserved.

Self Portrait

I love to work on creative projects
and deliver exceptional results."
     I enjoy researching design trends and creating beautiful experiences through art and design, so I decided to consolidate my skills into a cohesive service that I can provide to clientele. 
     The information you provide will breathe insight into the final result of the product. 
     So please feel free to contact me with any relevant inquiries; send me your sticky notes, daydreams, and lightbulbs when you have them. 
– Joseph Forde
I hope to help 
bring your vision to life.
Contact Information
Joseph Miceal Forde
Glow Graphic Art
Web Developer, UI/UX Designer & Researcher, Graphic Designer and Digital Illustrator
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